We back our people to compete against the top 1% globally

The industry’s most talented people form an unbeatable team

Every design engineer, project manager, supervisor, electrician, commissioning engineer and support person enjoys an exceptional culture of empowerment, challenges, growth and fun.

We are thinkers and first rate collaborators who care deeply about every client and every project as if it was our own.

Power system turnkey solutions for international multibillion dollar projects:
Project management, Design, Procurement, Construction, Testing & Commissioning.

World-class proficiency with our continual improvement program.
Clients benefit from lessons, knowledge and experience gained from every past project. This consistently earns our team perfect scores from post project reviews.

Global engagement with OEMs and leading electrical engineering consultants to continuously build internal knowledge base and skills.

Value engineering starts your project experience with a perfect zero

Our value engineering and design thinking begins by hunting down every potential issue that could disrupt your project or cause headaches after delivery. We quantify design with you, presenting zero faults, layout issues, compliance mistakes or unexpected costs.

Delivering projects in hostile/remote regions with poor infrastructure gives us incredible expertise to ensure your design, supply, manufacturing and installation is an outstanding experience every time.

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Our directors are still passionate about engineering, design, and making projects simple for customers.

Project Management and accountability to make every project your best project experience

You will enjoy an experience that keeps you informed and confident about the outcomes – meeting your schedule, budget and performance demands. Your project is handled by one point of contact for supply, manufacturing and installation. We integrate teams involved in the project, keeping communications open and honest to ensure your project’s benefits realisation.

  • Substations
  • Switchyards
  • Solar farms
  • Wind farms
  • BESS
  • Harmonic filters
Complete factory acceptance ensures seamless onsite commissioning

Turnkey fabrication and manufacturing offers agility and control

In-house skills, equipment and facilities gives total control over the pace we build to your schedule. With little reliance on subcontractors, the flow from our value engineering, design to construction becomes harmonious, delivering exact and precise builds that meet your specific onsite needs.

Substation transportable buildings
Power distribution switchboards
Substation control and protection panels/enclosures
We invest in lifting and rigging equipment that makes for the safest and most efficient workplace to ship out large projects.

National logistics with quality control, scheduling and total onsite assurance

Our internal systems provide total visibility for the entire supply chain, so scheduling of transport happens with certainty to your schedule.

Our people are highly skilled with ensuring safe transport across the most hostile places in Australia and developing nations, accounting for poor roads, access, conditions and remoteness.

The complete package from fabrication, manufacturing to delivery provides cost competitive solutions that arrive with total onsite commissioning assurance.

The coordination of all teams orchestrates onsite works with precision and predictability.

Electrical, mechanical and civil construction

With our large fleet of capital equipment and machines, project continuance for scheduling remains firmly in control.

The seamless integration of products arriving onsite, with earthworks, cranes, connections and compliance provides peace of mind for customers, that the dedicated and talented PSD team has their back.

Everyone deserves to go home. Quality, care and consideration permeates everything we do.

Quality Assurance, safety and sustainability

At our core is excellence in engineering. That is reflected in every aspect of our business, because our culture is all about perfection as the starting point.

We think, act and work always in the best interests of ensuring everyone goes home at the end of the day. We pride ourselves with the care and consideration we provide our team, by setting the right example for exceptions that everyone from the Board of Directors down must adhere to.